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Urgran of Tempus

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Urgran of Tempus
Urgran of Tempus
(Player Character)
Player Brad
Titles Knight of the Order of the Brass Thistles
Homeland Waterdeep
Race Half-orc
Gender Male
Class Rogue
Deity Tempus

Urgran is a second generation half-orc whose mother was a battle instructor for the church of Tempus and his father was a priest of Tempus. When he was only two years of age, his parents were killed during a battle in which the church had decided to support the side that eventually won despite the casualties. Urgran, left alone in the world, was taken in by his parents' church and given a new home in Waterdeep where he grew up as a page within the church. In this role, he learned to read and write, but was also instructed in a number of fighting skills. Eventually, at the age of eight, he was tired of the rigid structure foisted upon him by the church and he ran away. He ended up living on the streets of Waterdeep where he learned to scrape by as a street urchin and eventually took to thievery as a means of survival. As he grew up in his newfound life of squalor, he quickly came to realize that his physical abilities were far greater than most others in his situation and he learned to turn these traits to his advantage by attacking his would-be-peers to take what they had for himself. Slowly, his life of crime devolved to the point where he began attacking others for what they had, even when he had no need of it. At the age of twelve, Urgran is arrested and sent back to the church where they beat the ever-living shit out of him upon hearing of his habits of needlessly attacking other people living on the streets.

He melded back into temple life and learned more about fighting and finally picked up a little discipline now that he had matured some. When he reached the age of sixteen, he aged out of the church's orphanage and he started taking jobs as a freelance guard, mercenary work, and other similar jobs as they became available. He didn't want to be tied to any one place or group in particular so he preferred to just fill in for odd jobs with different companies as they had a need for extra men here and there. He made friends from time to time but nothing particularly close. Eventually, his talents were recognized and he was recruited by someone within the Brass Thistles where he worked hard to move up the ranks and make a name for himself.