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Tillie Firebrow

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Tillie Firebrow
Tillie Firebrow
(Player Character)
Player Brad
Titles Proprietor of Firebrow's Firebrews
Homeland Calimshan
Alignment Chaotic good
Race Shield dwarf
Gender Female
Class Barbarian
Deity Eilistraee

Born and raised in Baldur's Gate, Tillie Firebrow lived a simple, comfortable life with her husband, Furin Kegbreaker, who was a tavern keep of some local repute. A comfortable life, that is, until the couple were abducted off the streets one night by a shadowy group of slavers known as the Xanathar. She and Furin were shuffled around for a time until they eventually ended up in the infamous Underdark city of Skullport. Shortly before the pair were to be sold -- separately, of course -- Furin made a futile attempt to free Tillie, but he was killed in the process. Seeing her love die before her eyes, Tillie flew into a rage and managed to strangle one of her captors with her shackles and injure another before her new "owner" was able to subdue her. He, a vile dwarvish man named Ahmaergo, decided after that incident to take her for himself rather than sending her to the block to be sold to the highest bidder. Over the next few years, she became something of a project for him as he tried to "break" her, but without damaging her attractiveness. He whored her out for a while but, when she badly injured one of her customers and nearly got herself killed in the process, he decided that route probably wasn't the safest. Eventually, he began renting out her body again, but only to more vile creatures that wouldn't be at as much risk from her troublesome temper. Ahmaergo bedded her himself any number of times and enjoyed her struggles but she managed never to lose her fiery spirit.

After many years of abuse at the hands of Ahmaergo, her fates would finally change thanks to a band of Eilistraee worshippers hunting the Underdark freeing slaves. During an otherwise routine trip to an outpost outside of Skullport, the band descended on her captors' caravan and slaughtered them to a man. The group sought to see the slaves to safety but Tillie wasn't satisfied with a "safe place" so long as she remained in the Underdark. She made a deal with the group that she'd serve alongside them and dedicate herself to their efforts in exchange for safe passage back to the surface as soon as it could be arranged. She ended up staying with them for a number of years, forming a strong comradery with her new companions, and even became a follower of Eilistraee herself, her old gods having abandoned her to her fate long ago. Eventually, however, she did seek to see her bargain through and returned to the surface through the undercity of Calimport. There, she continued her efforts to seek freedom for those trapped in the bondage of slavery, with Calimshan having its own reputation for the trade. More recently, she has been doing work with the Order of the Brass Thistle and runs her tavern, Firebrow's Firebrews, in Calimport's bustling dock ward. Beneath the floorboards, the tavern also acts as one of the Order's larger safehouses with secret access to the city's sewers and the undercity of the Muzad.