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Orryn StoneHeart

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Orryn StoneHeart
Orryn StoneHeart
(Player Character)
Player Chad
Race Half-orc
Gender Male
Class Monk

Our agent encountered this young man in the town of Nashkel. Orryn once belonged to a small monastery stationed on the northern side of the Cloud Peak mountains. His story, as far as he knows, is that he was abandoned at the monastery shortly after birth, likely after a violent conception during an orc raid. As such he was taken in by the monks of the monastery and trained in the ways of martial arts. Recently, however, he has been sent out into the world by his master claiming the only test left to overcome is that of his own fiery spirit. Our agent can attest to this claim, as while the prospect is very quiet and humble during conversation his fighting style becomes almost barbaric when pressed. Still, I believe with a little guidance StoneHeart has potential as a very valuable asset in the field.